Our Boys

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Our boys stay very happy with all of their girlfriends. They all are outgoing and have a great personality! All of our boys are AKC registered.

Gap's Leave It To Beaver - "BEAVER" (AKC/CKC Pomeranian)

Gap's Rodeo Clown - "RODEO" (AKC/CKC Pomeranian)

Gap's Been There Done That - "BEN" (AKC/CKC Pomeranian in his summer cut)

Gap's Man of the Hour - "MANNY" (AKC/CKC Pomeranian)

"BUCKSHOT" - AKC Pomeranian (full grown)

Gap's Double Ought Buckshot - "BUCKSHOT" (puppy picture)

"ELVIS" - AKC Pomeranian (full grown)

VelvetDemour Elvis - "ELVIS" - Imported from the Czech Republic!!!

Brennan of Calks Ferry - "BRENNAN" (AKC/CKC Longcoat Chihuahua)

Gap's Mmm Mmm Good - "CAMPBELL" (AKC/CKC Pomeranian)