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UPDATED PICS of our BEAUTIFUL GIRL taken on 7/12/19!  

NOTE:  All of my AKC Pomeranians are limited registration only (no breeding rights), unless prior approval is obtained.  Estimated weights are figured using the Pomeranian Weight Chart, but I always had 1 lb. to the estimation for safe measure.  Please remember that some colors may change (especially sables) when the puppies go through the Pom "Puppy Uglies" stage.  This stage usually begins around 4 months old and is when the coat starts to change from the puppy coat to the adult coat.  

Chessy Cat's beautiful girl is all over the place!


Parents:  Chessy Cat & Campbell - Born on 5/2/19 

This girl is a beautiful lady - She's is cream, but is almost white!  She has it all - thick coat, beautiful profile, and amazing personality!  She only weighs 1 lb. 9 oz. at 10 weeks old, which should put her in the 3 lb. 13 oz. range on the chart, so I am figuring 4.5 pounds full grown.  She loves to play and has the sweetest disposition!  She was already reserved, but the family had an emergency beyond their control and can no longer get her - She is ready for her new home now.   She’s going to Til Peugh In GA!


A handsome pose from Chessy Cat's boy!

This tiny boy went home to Ana in MS!

He is one of Biscuit's past babies!

Playtime is so important, and Biscuit's puppies agree!

One of Juno and Rodeo's past babies!

Can you find her?

One of Juno's past babies! 

This girl has a beautiful profile, and she's tiny!  Pic taken on 7/12/19.

SOLD - CHESSY CAT'S AKC MALE #1 - $1400.00

Parents:  Chessy Cat & Campbell - Born on 5/2/19 

This boy is totally awesome!  He is very thick coated and has that beautiful little face that everyone wants!  He is all over the place and makes me laugh with his cute personality!  He only weighs 1 lb. 6 oz. at 6 weeks old, which should put him in the 5 to 5.5 lb. range.  He will be ready for his new home on 6/27/19.  More pictures are available upon request.  He's going to Diana Holmes in GA!


One of Haze's past babies!


Essie's beautiful boy went to Shanna Bridges in GA!

Vida and Beaver's boy has already gone home!

Abby & Manny's boy - He went to Sofia in GA!

Happiness is not WHAT you have in this life, but WHO you have in eternity!!!