Our Girls

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These are our sweet little Pomeranian and Chihuahua moms. They love their little ones and get plenty of spoiling before and after whelping.

Gap's Lovebug Lady - "LOVEBUG"

Gap's Monkeying Around - "CHEETAH"

Gap's Kit-N-Kaboodle - "KIT"

Gap's Kat in the Hat - "KAT"

Gap's Espresso Americano - "ESSIE"

Gap's Mercy Me - "MERCY"

Gap's My Little June Bug - "JUNEBUG"

Gap's Kibbles and Bits - "KIBBLES"

Gap's Perfectly Tuned Clarinet - "NETTIE"

Little Miss Abby N The Village - "ABBY"

Gap's Juno I Love You - "JUNO"

Gap's Fluffy Biscuit - "BISCUIT"

Gap's Pretty Penny - "PENNY"

Gap's Sterling Silver - "SYLVY"

Gap's Star in the Making - "STAR"

Gap's Jersey in the South - "JERSEY"