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NEW POMERANIAN PUPPIES posted on 3/8/19!

NOTE:  All of my AKC Pomeranians are limited registration only (no breeding rights), unless prior approval is obtained.  Estimated weights are figured using the Pomeranian Weight Chart, but I always had 1 lb. to the estimation for safe measure.  Please remember that some colors may change (especially sables) when the puppies go through the Pom "Puppy Uglies" stage.  This stage usually begins around 4 months old and is when the coat starts to change from the puppy coat to the adult coat.  

SOLD -  BISCUIT'S CKC FEMALE #1 - $1500.00

Parents:  Biscuit & Buckshot - Born on 1/12/19

This girl is a gorgeous sable color, and she's super tiny!  She only weighs a little bit over 1 lb. at 8 weeks old!   That should put her  "maybe" in the 4 lb. range!   She has a phenomenal coat and that teddy bear face that we all love!   She has a wonderful personality and is very spunky and loads of fun!   She will be ready to go home soon - She's going to Rene Green in GA!

Playing around with her sister!

Sylvy's little chocolate parti girl went to Bobby in GA!

Chessy Cat's girl went to Judy Lear in GA! 

You just can't beat a Pom's love for life!

Vida's (past) puppy is getting ready to pounce!

She's a little "live wire"!


Parents:  Biscuit & Buckshot - Born on 1/12/19

This beautiful lady is a nice cream color - She is bubbly and loves to play!  If you want tiny and sweet, she is the perfect baby for you!  She is SUPER tiny and only weighs a little over 1 lb. and she is 8 weeks old!  That should put her "maybe" in the 4 lb. range!  She will be ready to go home soon!  Pics taken on 3/4/19!  She’s going to Adrienne Ford in GA!

One of our sweet past babies!

Chessy Cat's boy went to Kim Davis in SC!

What gorgeous eyes!  She has already gone to her new home.

One of Kat's past puppies!

Abby's little boy went to Banu in NC!

"And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and

every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good."

Genesis 1:25