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Sweet little Pomeranian babies posted on 1/16/19! All of these babies are taken, but we should be having some more in the next couple of months!

NOTE:  All of our Pomeranians are sold with limited registration (no breeding rights) and are subject to prior approval.

They are here!!! Lady's boy is on the left, and Tater Tot's girl is on the right!

SOLD - LADY'S CKC MALE #1 - $1400.00

Parents:  Lady & Buckshot - Born on 11/17/18

What an itty bitty boy!  Very tiny guy, only weight 1 lb. 7 oz. at 8-1/2 weeks old!  That would chart him at only 3 lb. 7 oz., so I would say 4 to 4.5 lbs. would be a good estimate!  He has a very prominent "blue" undercoat, so he will most likely be a dark, smoky gray.  He is tiny, but has that cute, "big" personality that makes me fall in love with him over and over again!  He will be ready to go home on 1/19/19!   Pics taken on 1/12/19.  He's going to Brittany Roaden in LA! 

Lady's girl doesn't mind showing off her very big coat!


Parents:  Tater Tot & Buckshot - Born on 11/28/18

What a precious little girl!  She is also tiny, weighing in at 1 lb. 9.5 oz. at 7 weeks old!  She has a bubbly attitude and true style!  She does have a "blue" undercoat!  She is charting to be in the 5 lb. 9 oz. range, so I estimate her to be in the 6 lb. range.  Her mom is only 4 lbs. at the most!  She is a pretty girl!  She will be ready for her new home at 8 weeks old (1/23/19).  Pics taken on 1/12/19.  ((PLEASE NOTE:  The discounted price is ONLY because she has a slight hernia that will need to be repaired when she is spayed.))  She's going to Kim Clark in GA!

Vida and Beaver's puppies are ready to have a great time! 

I love me some black Poms!!! 

I touch, cuddle, and love every one of our babies from the day they are born! You won't have to worry about your puppy being socialized! I enjoy every minute of it!

Shhh...  He doesn't think he's tiny!  

(Lady's Male #1)

SOLD - LADY'S CKC FEMALE #1 - $1300.00

Parents:  Lady & Buckshot - Born on 11/17/18

This little girl is just beautiful!  She has so much hair!  She only weighs 1 lb. 12 oz. at 8.5 weeks old, so that would estimate her at 5 lb. on the chart, so I would say 6 lbs. for good measure!   She has a very sweet disposition about her, and she thinks she is a lady (which she is)!  She will most likely change her color some since she is a sable color.  I absolutely love her!l!  She will be ready to go home on 1/18/19!  Pics taken on 1/12/19.   She's going to Gene & Linda Wesolowski in GA!

Tater Tot's girl is super sweet and full of energy!

 A little sunshine is good for anyone!  Basil's little boy was really enjoying his time in the Georgia sun!

This is "Chanel", one of Kit & Buckshot's babies!

 Playtime is so important in the development of a puppy - It prepares them for their wonderful life ahead!


Happiness is not WHAT you have in this life, but WHO you have in eternity!!!